Online stopwatch

Are you in search of online stopwatch? So, you’re in the right place. Stopwatch online is a very useful tool, which makes it possible to measure time intervals with maximum accuracy, up to milliseconds (millisecond is a thousandth of 1 second).

History of stopwatches

The clock was known to man very long ago. At first, the clock function was performed by the sun, water, sand, and even fire. At that time, the measurements were very inaccurate. Such measurements gave an error from a few minutes to half an hour. With the advent of the mechanical clocks the situation has slightly improved. First, people found the opportunity to determine the time to the nearest minute. With the invention of the second hand, accuracy increased to seconds. However, such means were far from the real stopwatch. They could not be stopped and run at any time. And the accuracy of their measurements was far from ideal. The first “real” stopwatches were mentioned in the late XVII – early XVIII centuries. Those were mechanical stopwatches. With the beginning of active development of electronics electronic stopwatches appeared. And the Internet has given us the most accurate online stopwatches one of which can be used on our website.

Stopwatch online – the best tool to count your time

Who needs a stopwatch online? First of all, exact time measurement is required for athletes, coaches, and referees. Therefore, this device can be used in competitions, in particular chess ones, at schools at the physical training lessons, etc. Stopwatches have found their application in medicine. For example, to measure the pulse or to mark the time of the procedure. Cooks also use this tool to count down time when cooking. Stopwatch online for training is more convenient than ordinary stopwatch. First, it is always at hand. Secondly, it does not need to be bought. Thirdly, it is freely available to everyone. Wherever you are, you can use online stopwatch, provided you have access to the Internet, which is not a problem nowadays.

How to use our online stopwatch?

To run the online stopwatch, press “Start”. You will see seconds and milliseconds counting on it. To pause it, click “Pause”, to resume work, press “Continue”. To reset data, click “Clear”.